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Συμμετέχουσα εταιρία

European Patent Office

The European Patent Office (EPO) is the second-largest intergovernmental organisation in Europe, employing almost 7 000 staff from over 30 countries. The EPO strives to support innovation and promote a knowledge-based society in Europe. Its mission is to secure the highest quality standards in patenting.

A career at the EPO provides a unique opportunity for engineers and scientists to work with tomorrow’s technologies today, in a multinational and intellectually stimulating environment. Our examiners deal on a daily basis with the latest and most challenging technical innovations.

Work of an examiner

Today, patent quality is more important than ever. So not every invention can qualify for a European patent. And the people who take that decision are the EPO’s patent examiners.

Patent examiners work at the forefront of technology and deal every day with the latest and most challenging technical innovations.

Science and law

Their daily work combines scientific expertise with analytical research and an eye for the legal aspects of intellectual property.

Required profile

•     Citizenship of one of the member states of the European Patent Organisation.

•     Full university degree in physics, chemistry, engineering or natural sciences.

•     A good working knowledge of at least two of the official languages (English, French and German) and       the willingness to learn the third.







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