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Matthew Mandravelis


Matthew Mandravelis

Lead UX/UI Designer and Creative Director

As an award-winning Lead UX/UI Designer and Creative Director, Matthew Mandravelisfocuses on decomposing complex science and promoting easy-to-use visual design. Considered as a travel domain expert, Mathew Mandravelisstarted his career path in 2007. Initially started as a free lancing web designer for local startups, it didn’t take him long to top the Lead UI/UX chart making huge differences in international startups and established corporations. With over 8 years of expertise and success in the most leading websites and mobile applications, he declares that, ‘While creativity may seem to be a lifelong process, you will often find him venturing out for new developments ideas and creative direction in web design and UI/UX sector.’ His aim every day is to discover innovative ways to design products and experiences that consumers love and can easily use.

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